My New Bernina 350!

At long last, I once again have a sewing machine to call my own! Picking it up, I was so excited I could hardly stand it; and so, appropriately, a few hours afterwards we went out of town for a long weekend. Such is life. ;) But, you can bet I had a mental list going of projects to start and projects waiting to be completed for when I returned. First up was some hemming and repairs, but I promise the next ones are far more interesting!

Bernina 350

The machine that I brought home was the Bernina 350. I grew up with my mom’s Bernina and fell in love with the brand, and now that I’ve used mine a few times, I can confidently say my love was justified. The machine is amazingly feature rich and it sews wonderfully smoothly. It was more expensive than many other machines I could have gotten, but it is top quality and will last a lifetime. A primary factor in my buying decision was that I didn’t want to get one that I’d have (or want) to replace in a few years. So far the 350 has exceeded all of my expectations… I look forward to many years of sewing with it!

A shout out must go to the shop where I bought my machine: Eddie’s Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale. Their staff was super friendly and incredibly knowledgable, they let me put down a deposit to hold a great sale price, and without even asking they gave me a tutorial of my new machine before I left with it! All the questions I had were answered, and I was assured that if I ever have any troubles with it they will be there to help. Talk about buying with confidence!! I look forward to giving them lots of future business! :)

  • Dannabug

    Yipee!! Congrats, I can’t wait to see what you stitch up! I want a Bernina as well. My little Mini Ulta is hit or miss. :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I have one project that is 99% complete; just one little rough edge to finish off, and I’ll get a post up about it! It will make you laugh :D