Hello 2011!

I’ve never been a big ‘New Year’s Resolution’ participant, but last year I did have a goal which I achieved successfully, so I figured I’d have another go with some other things this time around. :)

My 2010 resolution was to overcome my intimidation of putting on and wearing makeup (don’t laugh!), but this year I’ve got several things I’ll be working on…

  • No more skipping meals and keep my weight stable at where it is right now.
  • Be able to go down and back up all 15 flights of stairs in our building without getting tired. This needs to happen bare minimum by November, but ideally much sooner!
  • Finish scanning the documents in my filing box, and keep up to date with all incoming documents.
  • Get the piles of stuff on my side of the bed cleaned up and keep it that way.
  • Have at least two things in my Storenvy store.
  • Have at least one app in the webOS app catalog.

I’ll have to work on my self discipline, but it’s definitely all doable! Wish me luck!

What are your goals for 2011?

  • Jholowich

    Good luuuucccckkkk!