Chicken Mitts

In July of ’09, we rented Coraline from Netflix, and it was definitely a fun movie. When we first met Coraline’s “Other Mother,” aside her creepy button-eyes, the thing that stuck out to us the most was the pair of funny/cute chicken oven mitts she had in her kitchen. Jason thought they were great, and the gears in my head instantly started turning: I could make those!

'Coraline' Chicken Mitt Other Mother Other Mother's Kitchen

I decided these would be an awesome home-made Christmas present, and I would sneak over to my Mom’s place to mooch her sewing machine and work on them now and then. Nearing my December deadline, I realized that if I hurried up a ton I could probably finish them in time, but in doing so I would be forced to sacrifice some major quality — something I couldn’t bring myself to resort to. Christmas came and went, and the chicken-mitts sat in limbo for much longer than they should have. But last November, when I finally got my own sewing machine, the project was able to resurface! I just finished the tail end of them this morning and they’re all ready to go. Merry Christmas 2009 Jason! Sorry they’re so super late!! :)

Chicken Mitts
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  • Christine Wilson

    Those look fabulous Valerie

  • Trevor Darling

    Those are obviously for wearing on your head…

  • Amara Noel Ayler

    where can you get these gloves?!?!?!?!?