I’m aware that I am late to the bandwagon with this one, but the other day Jason and I started playing Minecraft. I used to have a slight superiority complex about not playing this game. It seemed too simplistic with no purpose, just a way to kill a lot of time while staring at painfully low resolution graphics. I’ll admit that I was curious about the game, since such a vast quantity of people are so enamored with it. The PayPal debacle, for one, blew my mind. How could so many people think such a, frankly, stupid game was so fantastic?

So, what the hell. We watched some demo videos and finally downloaded it to try it out.

At first, I was frustrated and disappointed that my predisposition about the game seemed to be accurate. I died on the first night, lost my inventory, and didn’t see how things were going to improve. I called it quits for the time being and figured I’d give it another shot the next day.

Round 2 was much more productive. For one thing, Jason got our Mac Mini working again and set up a server for us to be able to play multiplayer together. Additionally, that morning I had started messing with avatar skins, and by the time we had the server going I’d transformed myself from “Steve” into Princess Zelda. Being able to play cooperatively and with a personalized character renewed my motivation to give the game a second try.

After making it though the night, things started getting more interesting. We found out how to craft more things, built out a house, and after a while I began to see how much detail there really was in those ‘painfully low resolution graphics.’ The world is actually incredibly rich, and once you begin to realize this, you can tell how much attention to detail was put into the creation of the game.

There is still a vast amount I have to learn about the Minecraft world, but the disdain I once had is gone. I am looking forward to continuing the adventure!

Bravo, Notch!


Here are the avatars that I made, inspired by The Twilight Princess :)

MineCraft Link Avatar MineCraft Princess Zelda Avatar

  • Ajmihara

    Aww, they’re so cute! Well done :)