FF Felts – The Tonberry

Since my initial foray into felting, I began to look for a good source to buy roving from. I had started a list of potential projects, and had a loose idea of some of the colors I hoped to find, but roving isn’t nearly as prevalent as yarn when it comes to woolen crafts. You can find a bit at places like Michael’s, but with that comes low variety and high prices. After a few sessions of Googling, I discovered The Felted Ewe. Not only did they have a ton of colors (over 100!) but they’re also based in California! I picked out a project from my list, decided which colors I would need, and put in an order.

First up… the Tonberry! I’d finally beaten Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core a few weeks prior, and just loved the tonberry design in this game. Mine borrows from several FF styles, but this one most heavily. One lesson learned while making this guy: when working on tiny details of a model (in this case the lantern and knife), a thimble is an absolute must. Felting needles are incredibly sharp, and my index finger now looks like it went to war against a hamster. I persevered though, and am quite happy with the results!

Let me know what you think!! :)

Felted TonberryFelted Tonberry - sideFelted Tonberry - back

Also, just because. ;)