Silk Dyed Eggs

I found this tutorial for silk dying eggs two years ago, and have wanted to try it ever since. Last year Easter passed me by, but this year I was determined to have a go at it.

We went to a nearby Goodwill store and picked up five silk ties for $0.95 each, adding to the three of my dad’s that I’d snagged years ago. Instead of dying hard boiled eggs, I wanted to try blown eggs. It seemed like such a waste to do all the work and end up just throwing them out, especially since you wouldn’t even be able to eat them! I blew the first egg without any assistive air-pushing apparatus, and I completely wore out all of my cheek muscles. If I had to do them all this way the project was getting canned, but I managed to find my balloon blower (a little squeezy bulb with a pointy end that only lets air pass through one way) and that worked much better. The next day Jason totally 1-upped me with this genius idea.

With eight eggs hollowed out and eight disassembled ties, we were in business! The only failure was due to one tie which, while having claimed to be silk, was actually polyester. Check out the seven successes below! :)




Check out the full gallery for more photos!

Many thanks to Jason for his lovely photography, Our Best Bites for their awesome tutorial, and also my dad for wearing out some fun ties! :)

  • Anonymous

    These came out soooo awesome!!!!!

  • Myswissdog

    Pretty! such an artist you are (and have been from early on)… always ready to experiment with a new technique, no matter how involved it might be and how many directions you need to read in the planning! My hat is off to you! So tell me, are these blown eggs that you can preserve for a good length of time (I hope) or will you be cracking and eating them before they’d spoil?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Mom! :) The eggs are blown, so we will be able to save them. Since the dye is of unknown origin, it can’t be considered food-safe and we wouldn’t be able to eat them anyhow. The plan is to thread ribbon through them and make Christmas tree ornaments!

  • Christine Wilson2

    The eggs look just wonderful Valerie I’m impressed

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! It was a really fun project! :)

  • Danna BC

    Awesome! :)

  • Catherine Meyers

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